Security Products

Never compromise on your home security system. Being in the security industry a number of years we have true knowledge of security products and detection devices for every need. We will provide you with the best appropriate security system with its detection devices that will meet your specific requirements. All products are rated with the highest international standards to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Our wide range of security products provides a solution for almost any challenging environment be it indoors or outdoors, with the most commonly used products;

  • Alarm control panels
  • Door sensors
  • Indoor Passive Infra Red detectors
  • Outdoor Passive Infra Red detectors
  • Glass Break detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Remote panic button
  • CCTV

As the requirements and applications differ from site to site, our range of alarm systems cater for all your needs. Preliminary an installation is defined per zone quantity (the amount of detectors linked to the alarm system) which vary from a 8 (eight) zone system up to a 168 (one hundred sixty eight) zone system and further the client’s option to either have a wired or wireless systems.

All the products used in alarm installations are obtained from the following suppliers:

  • TPA Group – Texecom Control Panels, Internal & External Security products, CCTV |
  • Mami – Mami Control Panels, Internal & External Security Products, Radio Transmitters, Mami Base Stations, CCTV |
  • FSK – Radio Transmitters, GPRS Signal Transmitters, FSK Base Stations |