Our level of excellence is achieved through widespread competence and in an environment that encourages and enables the expression of individual aptitude. In this sense we have been credited by both our employees and customers for cooperating as an integrated team. Our business practices and principles are vested in the companies HR Component, employees that have been handpicked and well trained in their fields of expertise.

This experience allows us to swiftly evaluate any new task and ensure that the services it provides will exceed the requirements of the customer.


Our philosophy is that each customer is entitled to receive a level of service that meets their expectations, regardless the complexity of the task in hand.


As crime trends change and criminals become smarter, it has become necessary to become more pro-active in our approach in order to defeat the criminal element.

In order for a crime to be committed, three elements are necessary:

  • Opportunity | Means | Motive

Of these, opportunity is the only element that can be controlled. Reduction of criminal opportunity is what we try to accomplish with our pro-active approach.


We offer security services to whom safeguarding your life, your family, your assets, your privacy, your image and your interest is not our passion……………it’s our obsession. For a client to entrust us with his security needs is most certainly the biggest honor and privilege anyone can bestow on us. To us, this honor comes with an immense responsibility which is most certainly on the highest levels of:

  • Integrity | Confidence | Excellence


To use our extensive experience and expertise, consistency and pro-activeness to direct our hands on approach to your security needs in order to deliver you with measurable outcomes that not only saves you money, but also drastically curbs your losses, and turn your security expenditure into an investment and which delivers you:

  • Peace of mind
  • Enhancing your image
  • Safety that turns your environment into a safe haven
  • Cost effective risk solutions with a lasting effect
  • Real time solutions by means of immediate professional attention to urgent matters.


  • We strive to provide a cost effective solutions through the integration of manpower and technology
  • We strive to established partnerships by exceeding expectations
  • We offer a service which at all times is measurable through the implementation of a mutually agreed service level agreement
  • We are 100% South African owned company – we know and understand the environment
  • Local office and infra structure
  • Stability of management and staff
  • Value Added Services


Secret Eye Surveillance is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, and all our staff members (where applicable) are graded, trained and registered in accordance with the act.


To develop and share immediate and long term measures for the continent wide and effective protection of:

  • Our clients and families lives, assets, image and interest
  • High target species and their surrounding eco systems
  • Our Fauna & Flora